Corporate Social Responsibility

At Balmule, we try not only to comply with our client’s CSR ambitions but to live and work responsibly too.

Our aims are simple and when you visit us, we will be appreciative of anything you can do to help us maintain our responsibilities.

  •  The environment – we recycle 100% of our rubbish, we planted a flower meadow in order to introduce bees to make the honey for our breakfast table, the cars we run are hybrids and we use our own sustainable woods for the fires. We are mindful of our environment and try to improve on the natural habitat as we go along. The ambition is to leave things better than when we arrived.
  • Sourcing locally – we try to use as many of our local suppliers and services as possible. These folks also share our environmental ambitions.
  • Growing our own – we have just begun to grow vegetables, soft fruit and flowers for use in the house. We are very much on a steep learning curve so any advice you have to offer is welcome.
  • Where you could help us- we change bed linen and towels every third day for longer stay guests. If you would like your linen changed more often, just let us know on check in. You honest feedback is invaluable to us. We are fairly thick skinned so please tell us if there is anything that you don’t like and we will endeavour to improve.
Corporate Social Responsibility

To discuss your meeting needs, contact us at [email protected] or call the events team on 01383 432 999.