Fire Station Creative – A Must Visit While in Dunfermline

By 26th September 2015 Blog, Fife

John Byrne has recently opened Scotland’s newest creative hub to the public on 11 July 2015. Located in Dunfermline the Fire Station Creative is a brand new, modern facility run by a small group of similar-minded people. This former fire station had been lying empty for five years until this small group of people and their years of voluntary work produced a creative hub that has attracted several people across the country as well as the locals. Originally designed by a local architect James Shearer in 1934, Fife council currently owns the building which they have agreed to rent out to the small group of people.

The Fire Station has served its people over the decades well enough and the energy and admiration is still alive in the building to this very day. For Dunfermline’s fast growing community Fire Station Creative  is a welcome addition to the cultural facitities that the town has to offer.

Dunfermline is home to some of the most vibrant creative professionals who look elsewhere to work because of the limited opportunities present in the city. Taking this into consideration the Fire Station Creative has created a facility that offers 21 studio spaces, a captivating gallery, a classroom and a cafe seeking to support creative professional at every stage of their journey as well as encourage the young, aspiring creative community.

The studios have already attracted significant numbers of artists who are moving in and setting up working spaces within the facility. They come from various creative backgrounds and different disciplines such as painters, photographers, graphic designers, tailors, upholsterers, and many more. These individuals include both students and established creative professionals who are looking for a forum to showcase their work.

These studios serve art therapy for various local therapy groups who can book a studio free of charge and provide clients with a steady and robust community based venue to work from. The Fire Station Creative’s classroom will offer drawing and painting classes for beginners and aspiring artists who wish to master their brush stroke abilities. It can be rented out by the hour for both adults and children and serve as a place for smaller exhibitions or events.

At the heart of the Fire Station is the gallery, which has been built in the Engine Room. Elegant looking glazed panelled doors have replaced the old metal roller screens used in the past and huge movable walls have been created to display artworks. It aims to hold around eight exhibitions of various genres every year to create a consistent flow of viewers and artists, offering them a one of a kind creative experience in Dunfermline. The facility also provides a small shop where local artists and designers have displayed their artwork from cards and prints to paintings and jewellery.

Finally, the cafe is a venue to celebrate the art of food. From coffees, cakes to lunches and events, anything can be hosted here with specials, tasting menus and supper clubs. The cafe has been ideally built onto a large yard with outdoor seating which can be enjoyed during cool evenings.