Fife is framed with glorious beaches and colourful fishing villages, this peaceful county side is the ideal getaway for those who wish to relax. The rich history of Fife makes it the perfect choice for those who love to explore the castles and abbeys and tempts you to be adventurous. However one of the main attractions of Fife lies in the gorgeous water bodies available; ranging from lochs to reservoirs, rivers to seas.

Balmule House is a short drive away from many fishing spots in West Fife including:

Loch Gelly

Also known as the Loch of Shining Waters is a beautiful town which is ideally used for family outings like picnics and fishing. Fishing in this beautiful town is the main attraction.

The type of fishery falls under the category of ‘Coarse Fisheries’ (still water). The types of fish that are found in this area are Roach, Pike and Pearch.

Loch Fitty

A traditional town with beautiful fisheries, Loch Fitty was one of the early rainbow trout fisheries in Scotland. It is equipped like modern fisheries and has 19 boats that have their own outboard engine and anchor. The areas surrounding the fisheries are well developed with fully stocked shops and other facilities.

The type of fishery falls under the category of ‘Game fisheries’ (still water) and the types of fish that are available are Rainbow, Brown trout, Carp, Rudd and Roach.

Loch Glow

Also famous for Rainbow trouts, Loch Glow is a beautiful town with stunning scenery. The types of fishery method practiced at Loch Glow include bait, fly and fisher, any other as long as it is legal. The type of fishes that are available apart from Rainbow trout is Wild brown trout as well as Tiger and Blues trout.

Golden Loch

A gorgeous family run trout fishery in Fife, Golden Loch is one of Scotland’s fly fishing only sites. There is also an option for rowing boats with anchors being available, if advance booking has been made. Golden Loch fishery is open all year round.

The type of fishes that are available to catch is Brown trout and Rainbow trout.

Swan’s Pond

Known as one of the hidden treasures of Fife, Swan’s Pond is snuggled behind a railway track. True to its name, Swan’s Pond is a stunning fishery that is a perfect getaway for those looking for the ideal vacation retreat. Peace and tranquillity make Swan’s Pond the perfect place for fishing. Swan’s Pond fishery is open all year long.

The type of fishery method can be any as long as it is legal. Although not very big, Swan’s Pond is home to very good quality fishes like Pike, Pearch and improving Roach.

Upper Cariston Fishery

One of the newly emerging fisheries in Fife, this fishery is for fly fishing only. Fishing is possible from all banks and it is a great option of for those who are looking to spend their time at the Village of Star. Upper Cariston Fishery is open throughout the year.

The types of fish that are found are Rainbow trout and Brown trout

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